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Living a Double Life?

My name is Kasey Haines. I’ve lived in California, United States my whole entire life. I’m a 2020 graduate from high school, and currently will be attending college in the fall. I fell in love with acting at a young age, and have always wanted to pursue that career path since; and planning to move to Los Angeles to start somewhere!

Mainly, I’ve struggled with wanting to act on camera/stage, and juggle school work at the same time. It’s like studying down the books to rushing out for an audition or rehearsal. I’ve done theatre all my four years of high school, and definitely had a hard time maintaining the assignments I was receiving during tech week (which took up most of my time from completing those assignments).

I love to make video edits and offer to make custom edits for anyone who is interested. Mostly, I edit anything from pictures to videos during my free time, which does take awhile but I am patient! Currently, I work as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant and in need to save up for a car, but with the small graduation and prom celebration happening, I went big than home!

A fit for Prom 2020!

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