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queens, NY
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Ambitious professional pursuing to become a Licensed Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate Broker. Quality-oriented with substantial experience and outstanding skills to build customer loyalty and retention with proven knowledge of tax accounting, GAAP, Commercial Banking and Network Marketing.

Hey Babe!! My name is Tonya Tiffina Milne, I am a BOSS BABE, Beauty Consultant, Chartered Accountant, Social Media & Marketing Specialist, Real Estate Sales Agent, and a Wife!! I’ve recently moved to the United States and I am so eager to see what the future holds for me!! I am always hungry for more success and Modern Nature has helped me to achieve that. I set huge goals for myself, take calculated risks, and guess what? You should too!! I love to cheer others on and see them win. I am a motivator, a mentor, a coach and I want to be there to cheer you on as well girl!!. Join my success journey and let’s kick ass together!!

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Associate degree Marketing, Bachelor of Science Accounting & Finance.
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Accounting, Real Estate, Network marketing.
NY essential oils
Associate Market Builder in queens, NY
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