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Young, Dumb, Broke College Kid

I just graduated high school this past spring of 2020. During high school I was involved in softball, volleyball, and basketball. I also participated in marching band, concert band, pep band, and jazz band with many friends. I worked at a local pizzeria and was a style advisor during my senior year. I graduated with many college credit classes completed and with my honors.The last half of my senior year did get cut short, but was still a great senior year overall.

With the virus going around the entire country, my job was one of many that got shut down, but I was fortunate enough to get back to work in mid June. I planned on still going to college in the fall and transferring to a new location that was close to my college. Working a couple days to all week making minimum wage was working at the time. Late July we were told that 80% of the locations of our company were shutting down due to bankruptcy including my location and the location closes to the college.

As recently being laid off and starting college in a few weeks, I decided to take a new and excited path that is towards my interests!

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