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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Hello, my name is Katie Choi and I am a Toronto-based lifestyle blogger. I began my business with Monat in September 2019.

Some fun facts about me:

  1. I am trilingual – Cantonese (is my mother tongue), English and Mandarin

  2. I am in my 20s, but people still mistake me as 17?

  3. My favourite colour is pink. My obsession with the colour pink is unreal (check out my ig @katiechoi_)

  4. I am diagnosed with several mental health disorders.

Prior to starting this business, I was at a low-point with low self-esteem and struggled with my mental health recovery. However, this business helped me to grow on a personal and professional level. I gained confidence in myself, improved my mental health recovery journey, and grew my social network. Furthermore, thanks to this opportunity, I learnt how to run my own business through my social media which allows me to earn income to pay off those expensive medical bills for my disorders. With my love for social media and my passion to help others, I strive to inspire others to embrace life with perseverance and authenticity in my business with Monat.

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