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Hi! My name is Kali Olney, I am 23 years old and I began my journey with Monat on April 14,2020. Growing up from a little girl to now, I have spent many years with my mother who is a very successful owner of an amazing hair salon. Ever since i could remember I have always been fascinated with hair and beauty. I have always been in love with the idea and fact that you can make any one persons day by just simply complimenting their beauty. whether that be their hair, skin or even just their smile or smell. Being a part of Monat means the world to me, not only can we help anyone become even more beautiful than they already are but we as a team strive to help you feel better on the inside as well. When a person feels beautiful on the outside, it give that person a new boost of confidence and I strive to see everyone i love, know and see have that very new glow of confidence! I myself am a stay at home mom, so if anyone, I know times can be hard, messy and emotional. For the solid fact that I am a home mom, I want to feel important as well as independent, beautiful and helpful. At this moment and for the past 2 years, I have been Forever grateful for my husband. He has been carrying the burden of making sure our family is taken care of. I want nothing more than to help remove some of the weight on his shoulders and I will do all I can to become successful and help you beautiful ladies and your families out. No matter what you’re feeling or striving for!

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