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A Girl with Dreams and goals. A New Beginning

Beauty within, showing you the beautiful that’s inside you with or without makeup your beautiful
Beauty within

Hi my is name is Davianna

I am seeking for a new beginning in life, I am 21 yrs old, I want to inspired the world what’s out there and what you can become working with amazing company, I want to influence a lot of people, I’m influenster myself I have my own blog and I review products like beauty brands and other kind of products for my honest reviews, I show a lot of people What’s products are good and what are not good I been doing it since 2018, I love to hear people ask me questions about products, I post a lot of pictures like makeup looks, I been doing makeup for along Time I self taught myself I love showing people what I love to do

My biggest dream is to be a huge influencer and travel the world and meet a lot influenster, I always try to be active on instagram and post I also promote lashes I have a collection, Every end is a new beginning, Never allow waiting to become a habit live your dreams and take risks, life is happening now.

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Beauty within

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