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I am 22 years old and a current cosmetology student I’ve always had a passion with makeup and I wanted to be able to learn new things as well. Before being enrolled to Paul Mitchell the School Chicago I was majoring in biology for 2 years but ended up leaving because I was really unhappy and miserable. I’ve always been more of a hands on person than a book person and I knew that I need to make a change. I’ve been in Paul Mitchell for about a year now and was going to graduate summer of 20′ but got pushed back because of the situation with covid-19 but that is not going to stop me from following my dreams.

I enjoy the outdoors a lot and get lost within nature. I love going to new places and someday hope that I’ll be able to travel around the world and learn new cultures. I enjoy walks along the beach on a nice summer day but I also just love sitting out and let the sun kiss my skin as I meditate a little and reflect on life and what I can better. I love to bake it’s just something my father and I did as I was growing up and I felt that it was a wonderful way for us to connect with each other, believe it or not when I had felt college I was debating within cosmetology school or culinary school.

As a cos student I want to be able to help other achieve that hair goal you want and I promise you that you will get that. I mean who wouldn’t love nice healthy long hair. A lot of people have problems with their hair but that’s only because the right products aren’t being used. Store brand products have a lot of damaging chemicals and can cover you’r hair with silicon/ wax that’s bad for you. I want to help people to finally fall in love with their hair and feel confident showing it off and it starts with simple products that will make a big difference. As a future professional I want to help people out to achieve that hair goal and let me help you out with that.

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