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My name is Autumn Levesque, I’ve been in this business for a couple of months.  I am currently a full time student and a full time stay at home mom! I love social media, but I didn’t know how to monetize it! I’ve always wanted to be a positive role model for women! I love to travel, and have been to four places so far: Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, and Italy. Before I was blessed with an amazing opportunity, I was working a full time job, going to school full time, and a mommy. During this time, I wasn’t getting paid enough, my grades were plummeting, and my daughter’s grades started lacking. I felt horrible, I felt like I was failing my fiance and our little girl. One day, I came across an amazing opportunity that changed my life. At first I was skeptical, but I said yes anyways! My life turned around for the better! My relationship was improving, my grades were improving, and so were my daughter’s. She was happy! That’s all I wanted! Not only was I able to be there for my family, but I am now able to help women achieve their goals and dreams as well!

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