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I’m Anel and I am 22 years old. I am latina. I am a mom to three amazing boys ages 3,2, and 1. I am a wife and a full-time worker at an Italian pastry shop in New York. I recently recently finished school to become a CMA.

I enjoy spending time with my boys and other people I love. I also enjoy helping others to make a change. I hope for a better place for when my kids become older and have their own families.

I had my first job at the age 15 and have always worked since. I’ve experienced various types of jobs in search of “better” opportunities. Yet, my kids are growing and I’ve only realized I been spending less and less time with my kids. I want my freedom back! I want to work whenever and from any place while watching my kids grow. I decided to take the challenge and chosed Monat. At the end is taking challenges that make life interesting, right?


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Certified Medical Assistant
NY essential oils
in Bronx, NY
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