Juliana Burke

Juliana Burke

Meet our founder and creative spark, Juliana!  She started this business in April of 2018. At the time she was a full time student and had just decided not to attend medical school. She felt uninspired in her life/classes and knew something needed to change. Combining her love for social media with her passion for helping people she stumbled upon an opportunity for which she is eternally grateful. Now, a year and a half later she works full time from social media as an influencer and blogger. Monat gave her the time and financial freedom to find her true passions and now she hopes to help others do the same! Juliana’s deepest passion is helping people reach their potential and pursue their dreams. She wants everyone around her to have the community and resources to take control of their lives and live their dreams which is what led her to creating this platform – for YOU. Let’s dream big, together!

Juliana Burke | @julianaburke

Chelsea Marks

Chelsea Marks

Meet Chelsea, a personal stylist turned badass business woman.  She started her business back in 2017, and what began as an unexpected side income, became the decision to confidently walk away from her fashion career in pursuit of freedom, only 8 months later. Now she not only works this business but has built her own online brand, Fempire Apparel.  Through her business Chelsea is showing women that they can dream big and dream together and she is paving the way for them to rise with our community and financial opportunity. You can catch her designing clothes for Fempire, brunching with the girls, or traveling through Europe with her Fiancé, Frankie!

Chelsea Marks | @theblondeambitionxx


Allie Hershman

Allie Hershman

Meet Allie, our daily motivator and all around boss babe! She is a spin instructor with a passion for fitness as well as a licensed clinical therapist who started an online practice specializing in relationships. She owes much of her success to the opportunity that Monat has provided her. Because of this opportunity she has stepped out of her comfort zone, created a full time income from her phone, and continues to use the tools she has learned to help others do the same. Using her both her fitness and therapy background she helps others find the motivation and courage to smash goals and create the reality they’ve always dreamed of! She’s always down for a good brunch, workout class, or personal development podcast.

Allie Hershman | @allie_jaie

Brittany Sauer

Brittany Sauer

Meet Brittany, our business mentor and a full time boss babe. Brittany turned this opportunity to work from whiff into a full time life of travel that allowed her to retire from corporate America at the age of 27. In just two years she has built a multiple six figure income, and a team of thousands of men & women who are passionate about taking hold of their future. This opportunity allowed her to realize her own true potential and gave her the perfect vehicle to build the future SHE wants! Britt has found her passion in helping others dream bigger and achieve greater.  You can usually find her in some fabulous foreign country, creating content and taking the work from wifi lifestyle to a whole other level!

Brittany Sauer | @missbrittanyj

So, what exactly is it that we do?

Great question. We are influencers and online business mentors. We teach people how to start their own online business by sharing the products that they love.  We work with one of the industries top beauty brands! They’re the #1 selling hair care line in the WORLD and they just released a new skin care line that is taking the industry by storm.


The Opportunity

Join our community of like-minded hustlers who are working towards their goals, changing lives, and making an impact. Make a living working from wifi, connecting with others, and sharing the products you love!

The Benefits

Be your own boss, choose your own hours, and put in as little or as much time as you want. We’ll show you how to grow your presence on social media, which will allow you to work from anywhere you want in the world (whether thats in bed with the kids or beachside in Bali). And you’ll have a supportive and inspiring community that is with you every step of the way, as well as mentorship and guidance throughout the entire process!

The Business

Just like you share your favorite foundation, a great restaurant you visited, an amazon purchase you love… you share! The only difference is that we’ll help you monetize your platform so that you’re making money when you share!

The Investment

You can pay 100K to attend a university with no guaranteed job after graduation. You can invest 200K in a brick and mortar business that doesn’t make a profit for the first 5 years and requires you to be there every single day for the next 20 years. You can spend 15 eras at a corporate job, only to be let go after all your time and effort.
Everything in life is an investment. Invest in something you will be proud to share. Invest in the world that you want to see.


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