Our Why 

We are leading the next generation of entrepreneurs who

unapologetically dare to dream. We aim to inspire you to be bold,

brave, and confident enough to create your own version of success!

Be Bold!

We’re redefining success by giving you the resources and the community you need to OWN your future! We’ll be here for you to help you grow, succeed, and flourish, but we want you to be here for yourself too, because there’s nothing better than growing and giving and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Be Brave

We truly believe that each and every one of us was meant to shine. You were meant to stand out from the crowd and to pursue your passions instead of settling in life.  But in order to stand out you have to be ready to be brave and to try something new! Our message to you? Be afraid and do it anyway!

Be You

We’re all about owning who you are, knowing what you want, and actually making it happen. We are here to support those who are chasing dreams, both big and small, whether you’re a student, a full time mama, a business owner, working in the corporate world, or still trying to figure it all out.  We are not one size fits all so come as you are!



Then one day she woke up and started living her life, on her terms, focused on her goals. It's then that she became unstoppable.

Gurl Gone Green